About Us

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Fred Sawyer

Our Story:

Fred Sawyer, our main founder, was in college in 1979.  He was engaged and had just started his own carpet cleaning and home repair services company.  He had bought the vans, the equipment and spent thousands of dollars to make sure he had the skills and machinery to do the job right.  But one thing stood in his way.  According to the state of Texas he needed to have an umbrella policy of at least a million dollars in liability insurance.

He was very disgruntled when he started calling around and getting quotes.  The quotes were very high, extremely high!  He also hated working with other lawyers that seemed to not even care about understanding his business.  See, certain challenges present themselves when working in a home repair business.  A company is responsible not only for their own equipment and the impact it makes on the property that they are working on but also for the people occupying the home and any other environmental changes and effects that are made because of that company doing its job.

Fred saw a need to develop a company that would consult and guide  home care and cleaning service companies.  Since that time he formed a partnership with Melissa Park and Mark Houston and their marketing consulting company.  Together the two have teamed up to really make an impact and guide businesses and mom and pop vans into choosing the right type of insurance and marketing for their companies.